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Diamond Jewellery Online

‘A Diamond is forever’ and it truly is. Even a small piece of sparkling diamond adds a touch of elegance and class. The special occasions are always made far more special with diamonds. With tens of hundreds diamond jewellery manufacturers, one will not have any dearth of diamond jewellery designs put on sale. But besides that, one must focus on the 4 most important things.

4 Essential Factors Before Buying Diamond Jewellery

There are as many as 4 crucial factors that must be borne in mind before buying a diamond. These are:
• Cut
• Colour
• Clarity
• Carat
The Cut – This determines the shape of a diamond. There are 8 types of diamond cuts namely Emerald, Heart, Marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess, Radiant, Round. A properly cut diamond refracts light properly and that enhances its look.
The Colour – The colour of the diamond is yet another aspect that must be kept in mind while procuring a diamond. Diamonds are rated from D(colourless) to a Z(light Yellow). The best diamond to buy is one without any colour, as that allows maximum refraction of light. The differences between one grade of diamond and another is very subtle and it requires an expert with years of experience to comprehend the change.
The Clarity – The clarity of the diamond is another important feature. A flawless diamond will have no blemishes. In terms of clarity a diamond can be classified into any of the following 6 categories.
• Flawless
• Internally Flawless minor surface blemishes
• Very very small inclusions
• Very small inclusions
• Small inclusions
• Imperfect eye-visible inclusions
Hence the price of a diamond depends on its perfections in terms of clarity. Flawless diamonds are very rare and are therefore pretty valuable. The Carat – The Carat is another determining factor. As the carat weight of a diamond increases, so does its rarity, hence the price. However two diamonds can be of equal carat but well differ in terms of colour, cut and clarity. Therefore all these factors must be taken into consideration simultaneously to judge the quality of a diamond.

Benefits of Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

While buying a valuable thing like a diamond, one obviously is very sceptical and they try and inspect the various aspects to make sure that the diamond they buy is of refined quality. Buying this precious stone online might not seem a very good idea. But did you know that buying diamonds online are safer? Yes you read that right. There are quite a few advantages of buying diamonds online. These are:
• Online Stores Offer a Wide Spectrum of Choice
• Online Stores Will Save You Money
• Online Retailers Offer More Certified Diamonds
Hence these are some of the factors that must be kept in mind while buying diamond jewellery online. is one of the most reliable shopping sites that bring to you an exquisite collection of diamond jewellery to set a new class and outshine all others!