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Olympus VG 150 Digital Camera
Rs.4,490.00  Rs.4,433.00
Nikon Coolpix L27 Digital Camera
Rs.4,990.00  Rs.4,840.00
Fuji Film AX 650 Digital Camera
Rs.4,999.00  Rs.4,967.00
Canon Power Shot A2300 Digital Camera
Rs.5,495.00  Rs.5,330.00
Olympus VG165 Digital Camera
Rs.5,490.00  Rs.5,378.00
Nikon Coolpix S2700 Digital Camera
Rs.5,950.00  Rs.5,772.00
Nikon Coolpix S31 Digital Camera
Rs.5,950.00  Rs.5,772.00
Nikon Coolpix L28 Digital Camera
Rs.5,950.00  Rs.5,772.00
Canon PowerShot A2500 Digital Camera
Rs.5,995.00  Rs.5,815.00
Olympus VG180 Digital Camera
Rs.5,990.00  Rs.5,851.00
Canon Power Shot A2400 Digital Camera
Rs.6,995.00  Rs.6,785.00
Nikon Coolpix S01 Digital Camera
Rs.7,450.00  Rs.7,227.00

Digital Camera in India

The sale of digital cameras is much more than any other types of cameras in the Indian market and that is solely because these cameras have many utility features. Photography is a vast subject and there are a lot of technicalities that needs to be adhered to in order to capture cool photos. However, not everyone is camera savvy. For such individuals a digital camera is a great choice. Most cameras come with various modes that can be adjusted with the help of a button. All that an amateur needs to do is to choose the respective button and shoot.

Before deciding to purchase a point and shoot camera one must remember that these cameras although cheaper than a DSLR can handle almost all. However they have their own limitations because of their fixed lenses and small sensors. This may be prominent in low light photography.

Tips on choosing the best digital camera to buy online

While you are looking to buy digital cameras, following are the things that must be focused on-

Budget – Digital Camera prices in India vary widely. There are various things that result in this difference in price. You should go through the features along with digital camera price list and then ensure which one to go for.

Optical Zoom – When it comes to the zooming aspect, check the optical zoom of your camera. The higher is the optical zoom, the more powerful your camera will be. You will be able to zoom in on objects without the quality of your photo getting degraded.

Megapixels – – megapixels do play a considerable role in ensuring picture clarity but that is not ‘the decisive factor.’ This is where most of us get it wrong, Amateurs tend to judge a camera based on the megapixels it supports. The higher the count of megapixels, the better and bigger pictures you will be able to print.

Manual Control – – Digital cameras that are priced high offers the benefit of manual control to its user. With the help of manual control on the camera the user will be able to set things according to their need and priority.