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Travel Bags – Carry your Class not a Luggage

Nothing can be a better companion of a traveller than his travel bag. Be it for business or pleasure this is one thing that you will always need. And being in a fashion frenzy world, we all look for things that not only look good but also go well with our image. So if you are looking for bags that would not just carry your things but make a statement and define your style then BINGO, you are at the right place!! We bring to you a wide range of trendy bags! School bags, sling bags, trolley bags, travel bags, laptop backpacks, gym bags for men or duffle bags, you get it all and that too at a price you can hardly ignore! These bags are from reputed and branded manufacturers. With strength and style on your back, you will not merely carry a piece of luggage but your class!

Where to buy Travel Bags Online?

We all love our own liberty and space and that is exactly what we provide you. It’s your store, come in, spend as much time you like, compare as many travel bags online you wish and choose the best one for your needs! With a huge collection of various kinds of travel and luggage bags you will find almost anything that you wish for and that too at an un-put-downable price.
Young professionals who frequently travel places for business meetings, delegations, launches or for any such reason know that there will be eyes rolling on them. Good impressions are hard to make but easy to break, so why take chances when you can prove so much with just your bag! The range of slings bags, trolley bags, laptop backpacks and duffle bags online are truly exquisite!

More Choices of Travel Bags for Men and Women

Not just travel bags for professionals, also stores school bags, VIP travel bags, travel backpacks in a wide variety of colours and designs. The school bags that your child carries should be comfortable so that they do not burden those young shoulders much. Find such amazing bags right here and gift one to your child today!
Shop from Straightline and experience the difference. Being a TATA group company we take pride in our pedigree and do walk that extra mile to make our customers satisfied. Make YOU satisfied!! With our wide range of stylish bags we will help you Make a Style that will Earn you a Smile!