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Prestige OTG 9 LTR
Bajaj Majesty OTG 1603 T OTG
Bajaj 1701 MT Microwave Oven
Bajaj OTG. 2200T OTG
Prestige OTG 19 LTR
Prestige OTG 28 LTR
Prestige OTG 36 LTR
Bajaj 2310ETC Microwave Oven
LG MJ3283BCG Microwave
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IFB Microwave Online

In a country where cooking is one of the most important chores and foods are not just eaten but experienced, one do need the assistance of smart technology. Gone are those days when, the cook had to stand in front of the hot oven for hours and then eventually come up with a lip smacking Indian dish. The same can still be accomplished with the aid of Microwave ovens and OTGs. Microwave ovens have truly revolutionized the functions of an Indian Kitchen and made things immensely easier for cooks. There are a myriad of advantages that can be reaped with a microwave or OTG at home.
The food items that is cooked in best Microwave ovens retains its colour and taste. Food that is cooked in a microwave retains its freshness and crispiness for longer hours. And what’s even better is, unlike cooking in cylinder ovens, cooking in a microwave often doesn’t require much extra water. Especially while cooking vegetables, the appliance uses up the water content in that vegetable to get it cooked. That adds more taste to the food and makes it absolutely delectable.
A microwave will save you a lot of time as well. The spicy Indian curries that take a good amount ofy time otherwise will be cooked much sooner than you expect. Unlike cooking on a cylinder oven, a microwave helps in maintaining uniformity while cooking. The stuff that you are cooking will be evenly cooked and that will make the food ready in lesser time.
Besides getting one for yourself, you can also gift one to someone. Microwaves can be good gifts in marriages, anniversaries, birthdays or simply just like that. You can even gift one to your mama and add a bit of ease to her daily tasks.