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Morphy Richards HBCP Hand Blender
Rs.2,195.00  Rs.2,059.00
Morphy Richards HBCD SS Hand Blender
Rs.3,695.00  Rs.3,398.00

Hand Blenders and Vegetable Choppers

A hand blender which is also referred to as a stick blender or immersion blender is a utility kitchen appliance that helps you blend and mix things quite comfortably within the pots, jars, bowls or any other container. There are a plenty of delectable Indian dishes for which one requires to blend or mix certain ingredients. That is where this tool is so effective. Using this device is also way too easy. It has got a long stick like shaft and a rotating blade. As a safety measure there is a blade guard around the blade which helps in preventing injury.
People usually use a blender to prepare various kinds of items such as smoothies, soups, grinding coffee and spices, chop vegetables etc. The sleek and ergonomic design of most of the blenders these days help them fit into your hand quite comfortably and suffice the task without any extra effort. Once the device is used, it can be easily cleaned as well. Just wipe the handle and then immerse it in detergent mixed water to clean the shaft.
So that makes this an extremely useful device for any chef or cook and helps them to perform the otherwise time taking tasks with ease. The can be stored easily in your kitchen and require pretty little maintenance. So get one home today and transform the way you cook.

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