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Nirali Cherry Range - Idli Stand (4 Plates )
Bajaj PCX 33 Inner Lid (3 Litres) Pressure Cooker
Bajaj Majesty RCX1 Mini Multifunction Rice Cooker
Bajaj Majesty Duo PCX43 Pressure Cooker
Bajaj RCX 5 Rice Cooker
Bajaj PCX 35 Inner Lid (5 Litres) Pressure Cooker
Bajaj Majesty New RCX3 Multifunction Rice Cooker
Nirali Rice Cooker - (Small 1L)
Bajaj Popular Induction Cooker
Prestige Rice Cooker 1.0
Nirali Rice Cooker - (Big 1.8L)
Bajaj Majesty New RCX 7 Multifunction Rice Cooker

Electric Cookers & Food Steamers help Reduce Fuel Consumption

With the cost of cooking cylinders sky-rocketing with every passing day, the monthly budget planning of a common man, often goes haywire. Cooking rice, vegetables or heating a container full of water consumes a lot of cylinder fuel, thereby inflating your expenses. Now draw an end to such woes by bringing home branded electric cookers and food steamers from various brands like Prestige, Bajaj, Nirali etc., brought to you by . These appliances run on electricity and consume a lot less time to prepare your food or warm a pot of water.

Advantages of Using Electric Cookers & Food Steamers

Quick & Easy Cooking - These electric cookers are equipped with timer that allows them to maintain a uniform temperature all throughout the cooking process and deliver tasty food every time. While cooking gas on cylinder ovens, you always had to monitor its progress. But a cooker is a lot smarter. You just set a time to your recipe and it stops automatically after that time!
Comfortable Kitchen – Cooking on ovens are indeed tough. It heats up the kitchen space considerably. However cooking with cookers will be a completely different experience as it keeps your kitchen a lot cooler and comfortable. So cooking will not be a boring and taxing chore anymore!
Energy Efficient – Low energy consumption is yet another plus point of using an electric cookers.

Why Buy Cookers and Steamers Online?

The online prices of cookers and steamers are a lot lesser than that charged by physical retail outlets. believes in delivering quality products to its customers. Hence the products that you find here are all from reputed brands.