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Nothing can make the task of a cook easier than using the correct cooking kitchen appliances. And when your cook finds it easier to cook, you find it good to eat! In India, where preparing traditional dishes is quite a task, there’s nothing that can be as handy as proper kitchen appliances. Straightline brings to you a wide range of kitchen appliances online that are pretty good and handy.

Kitchen Appliances Online Shopping - Make Your Life Easier

Following are types of kitchen appliances that one can find over here:
Air Fryers – This utility device helps you to prepare chips right at the comfort of your home.
Cookers and Steamers – This is one of the most used cooking appliances in India. These branded cookers help you prepare rice, dal and other such Indian recipes pretty easily.
Flasks - Enjoy warm cups of coffee or a bowl of soup, hours after you make it. All you need is a nice and branded flask that would be an absolute value for your money.
Food Processors – make tasks such as grating vegetables, grinding nuts, seeds or meats much easier.
Hand Blenders and Choppers – helps in simplifying your tasks such as making baby food, blending sauces, whip cream etc.
Juicer mixer Grinders – Make your own juice bar at your home. A juicer mixer grinder will help you suffice all such tasks of juicing and mixing an effortless one.
Microwave ovens and OTG – Cakes, cookies or toasts, be whatever it might be. With a handy microwave oven you will find it very easy to prepare.
Sandwich makers and toasters – What can be a better breakfast than a sandwich. Prepare it easily with the branded sandwich makers and toasters from
Tea and Coffee makers – Tea and Coffee makers will make it all the more easy to prepare hot cuppa!
All the items across all these categories are branded and offer you a great value for money. So stop hoping from one physical store to another, instead get your kitchen appliances online in a smarter way at a lesser price from online and save!