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Hot Pot Square Plate
Rs.135.00  Rs.134.00
Dip N Eat
Boat Bowl
Rs.170.00  Rs.169.00
Lissome Serving Bowl 7.5 Inch
Rs.170.00  Rs.169.00
Vogue Medium Bowl
Adult Fork
Splender Tray Small
Camber Tray Small
Adult Spoon
Vogue Tray Small
Lissome Rice Spoon ( 2Pcs Set Blister Packing )
Lissome Serving Spoon ( 2Pcs Set Blister Packing )

Melamine Dinner Sets & Brass Crockery Sets

A complete set of brass crockery can certainly add an imperial touch to your dining table. A sumptuous meal served in kingly manner will definitely elevate the ambience and impress your guests to the fullest extent. brings to you a complete range of brass crockery and melamine dinner sets that will not just add class to your meals but make the food look all the more delicious!
Melamine is an organic compound that is mixed with formaldehyde in order to produce a synthetic polymer called melamine resin. This is a very robust material and is an excellent heat resistant which makes them a good material for crockery.

Why Buy Melamine Crockery Online? brings you a complete range of melamine dinner sets right at your reach. There is almost anything that you would like to have on your table and a serving platter for almost any item that you would like to serve your guests with. Check out the range of royal crockery and make your own collection of dinner table accessories. Moreover the price of the items listed here are lesser than that charged at your nearest retail outlet. Manufactured by renowned brands such as Mom Italy and Aapno Rajasthan, these products certainly bear that class and the essence of a kingly affair.