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Nirali Cherry Range - Fast Pan (175mm)
Nirali Classic Plus Range - Fast Pan (175mm)
Nirali Cherry Range - Tawa (Small 210mm)
Nirali Spelndour Range - Concave Tawa (Small 225mm) Bakelite Handle
Nirali Spelndour Range - Concave Tawa (Mark I 250mm) Bakelite Handle
Nirali Cherry Range - Tawa (MarkI 235mm)
Nirali Cherry Range - Concave Tawa (MarkI 250mm)
Nirali Cherry Range - Taper Fry Pan (MarkI 200mm)
Nirali Cherry Range - Tawa (MarkII 260mm)
Nirali Cherry Range - Taper Fry Pan (MarkII 225mm)
Nirali Cherry Range - Concave Tawa (MarkII 275mm)
Nirali Spelndour Range - Concave Tawa (Mark II 275mm) Bakelite Handle

Non-Stick Cookware Set

Churning out the best meals can now get easier with a range of non-stick cookware brought to you by Non-stick cookware which was a fancy addition to Indian households a decade back are now fast catching up as a necessary. Experts believe that owing to an increased sense of health consciousness among people is the use of nonstick cookware set in practise. brings to you a wonderful range of such cookware from the reputed brand – Nirali. The range consists of Kadhai, Tawa, casserole, Fry Pan and other essentials. Each of these cookware are further available in various sizes and designs.

Benefits of Non-stick cookware set

Healthier – This is the prime reason that has seen non-stick cookware sets revolutionise Indian kitchens. Diabetes and high blood pressure being an every home disease there can be no better way than using a non-stick cookware to nib them in the bud. These cookware helps in reducing oil consumption, thereby inducing a chance for a better health.
Easy Cleaning – Unlike the aluminium utensils, cleaning a nonstick cookware would be much, much easier. Gone are those days when you used to spend minutes scrubbing your utensils clean. A simple wipe with a scrubber would do it for your non-stick ware. Moreover a lot of these non-stick cookware are dishwasher safe.
Looks Good Cooks Good – That is another cool benefit of choosing non-stick cookware over the traditional cookware. Not only do they look quite sleek and stylish and add a new shine to your kitchen but also treats you to lip-smacking delicacies with the exact same recipe.
A Non-stick cookware set can also be chosen as a gifting item on weddings, anniversaries, house warming, mother’s day or simply just like that. Replace your old kitchen utensils with non-stick ones and promote good health in your family!