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Fastrack A0334NPR01 Women's Sling Bag
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Fastrack A0333NPR01 Women's Sling Bag
Fastrack A0333NRD01 Women's Sling Bag
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Caprese Cindy Sling Small Blue
Rs.1,799.00  Rs.1,339.00
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Sling bags for Smarter Men & Women

The concept of sling bags is said to have evolved from retro messenger bags used by postmen in earlier days. The sling bags for men & women are pretty much in vogue these days by the younger echelon of society, especially among college goers. These bags are easy to carry and add a cool quotient to one’s persona. These sling bags are available in various colours and designs and can be used to carry light weight utility stuffs.
Hanging out with friends, or going for a blockbuster in the evening with him? Well you certainly need to look at your gorgeous best. A bright and colourful sling bag can well add vibrance to your buoyant personality and make you all the more dazzling.
Sling bags are usually made up of polyester, nylon or canvas which makes them all the more ductile. They not just look stylish but offer great strength as well. It’s a street smart bag for a modern day youths. These bags have a few zipped compartments that are pretty helpful ink storing keys, mobiles, iPods, and other gadgets. Some of the sling bags are a bit larger, they have separate compartments and act as laptop bags as well.

Amazing Sling Bags Online from offers a wide range of sling bags online from reputed brands like Fastrack & Caprese that not just bear a classy and sleek look but also a favourable price tag. Get one for yourself or gift it to your beloved. Gift one to your sister on Rakhi, or to your girlfriend this valentine’s day. Straightline brings these bags in a myriad of shades. So choose one that matches your personality!