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Princess Heart Pink Sunglasses
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Princess Crown Pink Sunglasses
Princess Stars Pink Sunglasses
Princess Stars Pastel Pink Sunglasses
Fastrack SGC01 Unisex Sunglasses case
Fastrack SGC02 Unisex Sunglasses case
Fastrack SGC03 Unisex Sunglasses case
Fastrack SGC04 Unisex Sunglasses case

Fastrack Sunglasses Online

With the correct pair of sunglasses on your eyes, you will only grab the attention of more eyes! At you will find a fresh stock of classy sunglasses from Fastrack. The new range of sunglasses is not just classy in their looks but quite effective as well. They have UV protection glasses that protect your eyes from harmful ultra violet rays.
Now there are certain things that must be kept in mind in order to find out the frame that suits your face well. Following are some essential tips that you should keep in mind while purchasing a pair of sunglasses.
Determining the Correct Frame – Sunglasses come in various frames. So you got to figure out which shape goes well with your face. Generally there are 7 types of face shapes namely square, diamond base, base down triangle, diamond, oval, oblong and round. Make sure that the pair of sunglasses that you choose isn’t too big so that they cover up most of your face.
Choosing the Proper Frame Colour – The colour of the frame is another important consideration that needs to be made. The frame colour should be chosen in accordance with the user’s skin complexion. Skin complexions are basically of two types, warm and cool. Skin which have yellow undertones are considered warm and those with a pink undertone are considered cool. Those with warmer skin tones should go for lighter frame shades, while those with cooler tones should choose cooler tones.
Hair Colour – Hair colour too is s determining factor that needs to be taken into account while choosing a pair of shades. Hair colour too can be classified as warm or cool. Examples of cool hair colour are white, grey, blonde and very light brown. Examples of warmer hair colour are darker blond, black, red and brown. Frames that would suit cooler hair colours are black, amber, blue, silver, green, pink and magenta, whereas the ones that would go well with warmer hair shades are copper, cream, red, camel and gold.
Straightline brings to you a wide range of stylish sunglasses online that not just add style but safety too. There are multiple shades to choose from. Sunglasses for men, sunglasses for women, whatever you want, provides it all at the best possible prices. So buy sunglasses online, avail the best offers and discounts and enjoy reliable shopping!