In case you are not familiar with the term, a router is basically a device that transfers data packets between computers, thus leading to the creation of an overlay network. At, one of the leading online shopping websites in India, we have a huge selection of routers of varying speeds and capabilities. All our routers are manufactured by leading international brands and cater to different budgets. Browse through our list of Routers and make a selection according to your connection requirements.

Router - Sends Data Packets To Its Prescribed Destination

Computers are connected to these small square shaped boxes via data lines. When data is transferred from a computer to the router, the device instantly decrypts the address information contained in the data to determine where to relay it. The router then uses information derived from its routing policy and sends the data packet to its prescribed destination.

Router - Pivotal Role - Regulates Data Traffic From Internet To A Computer

Routers play the pivotal role of regulating data traffic from the Internet to a computer or across several computers sharing an intranet connection. Small home/office routers are ideal for a small business set up. These routers are used for handling basic data packages such as email, webpages and instant messaging programs. Data is transferred via a DSL modem and connection to the Internet is established through an ISP.

Router - Enterprise Routers - Transfers Data To The Core Routers At High Speeds

A large corporate establishment would require a diverse range of routers to serve a plethora of Internet as well as intranet connections. Enterprise routers are extremely powerful and sophisticated and are superlative for a big firm. Enterprise routers are used to transfer data to the core routers at high speeds using optical fiber lines. Some of the most potent routers include Cisco and Juniper T1600.

Router - Wireless Distribution Systems - Viable Networking Solution

Alternatively, Wireless Distribution Systems are also a viable networking solution. WDS avoids the clutter of wires inside an establishment and is also very economical as it eliminates the cost of installing networking cables inside buildings. Three-layer routers have also become popular in offices and educational institutions.

Router - Advantages - Security From External Threats

The advantages of installing routers at home or in a business establishment are numerous. Apart from serving its purpose as a reliable connection device, routers also provide security from external threats such as malicious codes and viruses. Most routers are now equipped with firewalls and other security functions, which fortify connectivity and transfer of sensitive data. Our online store has a wide range of routers ranging from basic to core. Browse through our eclectic catalogue to choose one that best suits your requirements.

Router Prices in India

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