Pendrives & USB Hubs

At, you can choose from our exciting list of USB hubs and pen drives that are convenient, easy-to-use, compatible with both PC and Mac, and don’t require any software installations.

We have a wide array of pen drives and USB hubs that shall meet your needs. If you are looking for huge amount of data storage , along with other facilities, the you can opt for the Kingston 16 GB data traveler, HP 16 GB Flashdrive or the compact sized Amkette Turbo - 7 Port USB Hub . Also you will find Robusto Flash Drive from Amkette which come with removable data storage in non-volatile Flash Memory. If you are a budget savvy shopper and are looking for something affordable and which has significant storage capacity in a lightweight, compact design then you can opt for the USB hubs and Pen drives in the likes of HP 4GB Flash Drive, Amkette Spectra Pro Flash Drive 2 GB, Kingston 8GB and 4 GB data traveler etc. Reasonable prices ensure value for money.

Whether it’s storing or transferring huge amount of data or even serving as an MP3 playback and recorders – pen drives have come a long way since they were invented.

Here we have jotted down a few points that enunciate why pen drives are a necessity these days.

>> With their vast storage capacity, you can carry your whole work from one place to another, without having to make separate floppies and discs. With a 64 GB storage capacity, it is even possible to store almost half of your life time’s work in it.

>> Moreover, the data remain safer in a pen drive as CDs and floppies have been known to break or become dysfunctional due to molds if not used for a prolonged time period. Pen drives are free from such glitches.

>> The other advantage is that the pen drives are portable and you can connect it anywhere. All you have to do is put in your pocket and you are ready to move.

>> You can store movies, songs, photographs and what not? They are also resistant to scratches and other kind of wear and tear unlike a floppy or disc. The modern pen drives are also waterproof, enabling research scholars and oceanographers to work with them underwater.

>> Also, almost any operating system can read them. You do not need to install any other additional software to run them. If you are not trying something overtly complicated, a pen drive is the best for everyday work purpose.

>> One of the latest features in pen drives is that they have an in built separate section that can be used to store your password or token numbers, enabling you to use them as security passes. This saves you the trouble of opting for separate tokens and cards or remembering your codes by heart. And obviously, the chances of misplacing them are also vastly reduced when they are saved in your pen drive which will be your constant companion.