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iBall Dusky Duo 06 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
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Logitech MK260 Combo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
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Computer Keyboard

If your computer keyboard is too light or too hard to press, or if your wrist aches while typing on keyboard, then it is high time to pick up a new keyboard that is more user-friendly. A computer keyboard executes the basic function of providing input to the Central Processing Unit of the computer through the pressing of relevant keys. Moreover, computer keyboards are reasonable priced, so you will not have to break your bank to buy a new one. At, one of the leading online shopping websites in India, we display a wide range of ergonomically designed advance keyboards that will surely make typing lighter on your hands or wrists.

Highlights of Computer Keyboard

  • QWERTY Keyboards for added ease.
  • In-Game controls for hardcore games.
  • Multimedia keyboard foe multimedia functions.
  • Wireless keyboard for convenience.
  • In-Built lights for night visibility.

Computer Keyboard - Standard Keyboards - 101 to 104 Keys

Most computers employ the QWERTY keyboard, though you can also use the alternative Dvorak keyboard. A standard keyboard is large enough so that the user can press the keys with ease and comfort. Standard keyboards accommodate 101 to 104 keys.

Computer Keyboard – Keyboards Suitable For Gaming - In-Game Controls & Hot Keys Programmability

However, standard keyboards are not apt for people who play hardcore games on their computer. The extreme pounding shortens the days of keyboards and damages the keys faster. Keyboards suitable for gaming have in-game controls and hot keys programmability, which will allow you to execute more control over your game. Some gaming keyboards features LCD displays that show game related information.

Computer Keyboard - High-End Multimedia Keyboard - 101 Keys

High-end multimedia keyboard with 101 keys is ideal for those who aim to maximize the multimedia function of their computers. Multimedia or advanced keyboards present an array of added features like an independent number pad, caps lock key, short cut keys and shift lock keys that will enable you to access your favorite media players seamlessly.

Computer Keyboard - Wireless Keyboards - Much Convenient To Use

You can also opt between a wireless keyboard and a corded keyboard. Wired keyboards run continuously as long your computer is turned on. Wireless keyboard is much convenient to use but you may find it difficult to keep changing the batteries.

Computer Keyboard - Inbuilt Light - Ideal For Night Use

Some manufacturers are designing keyboard with inbuilt light, ideal for night use when external lights are dim or tuned off. Above all, always try to pick up ergonomic keyboards, which are designed strategically to provide ultimate typing comfort and suitable for prolonged use.

Computer Keyboard Price in India

At, computer keyboards are offered at a remarkably affordable price to suit the budget of online buyers. (The price may vary; it is suggested to check out the price section to know the latest price before shopping). At, India’s one of the largest online shopping destinations, you can buy computer keyboard online at a better price.