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Although computers are high-performance machines that are calibrated to deliver a versatile range of functions, their abilities can be greatly augmented with the addition of various peripherals and accessories. At, we have a wide range of computer peripherals and accessories of varied models and makes available for shopping. Browse through our list of accessories and make a selection according to your requirement.

Highlights of Peripherals and Accessories

  • Boosts the performance of your computer.
  • Optical mouse is very convenient to use.
  • Ergonomically designed keyboards.
  • USB drives provide reliable temporary storage.

Peripherals and Accessories - Boosts the Performance of Your Computer

When you purchase a computer, some of the basic peripherals and accessories that come packaged with it include a keyboard, mouse and pad, speakers, headphones with mic and software back up CD’s.

Peripherals and Accessories - Optical Mouse Is Very Convenient To Use

An optical mouse is preferred over the traditional wired mouse as it is wireless and can detect motion on all kinds of surfaces. An optical mouse is very convenient to use and more durable than a regular mouse as it is not prone to grime or dust.

Peripherals and Accessories - Reliable Temporary Storage From USB Drives

USB flash drives are an important computer accessory as they provide reliable temporary storage for your data and files. Most USB flash drives today come equipped with dual functions such as mp3 playback with earphones, which make them a very versatile accessory to have.

Peripherals and Accessories - An Excellent Accessory

Web cameras are also an excellent accessory to possess as they can be used in a myriad ways. You can take pictures, record videos, chat, and engage in video conferences online and a whole lot more. Headsets are a handy accessory to have as you can listen to music and make calls to other computers and phones anywhere in the world.

Peripherals and Accessories - Ergonomically Designed Keyboards

While shopping for peripherals and accessories, always ensure that they are compatible with the configuration of your computer. Also accessories such as ergonomically designed keyboards should be comfortable to use or they defeat the purpose. Feel free to check out our extensive range of peripherals and accessories at our online store.

Peripherals and Accessories Price in India , offers peripherals and accessories at reasonable prices suited to the budget of online buyers. (The price may vary; kindly go through the price section to know the latest price updates prior to shopping). You can opt for peripherals and accessories online at, India’s one of the largest online shopping destinations.