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The evolution that has happened, in the field of technology, in the last 50 years has changed the very way people now look at the world. The last two decade has particularly been a fairy tale, thanks to the advent of modern day computers and the internet. Latest computers have given people a virtual world of their own and laptops have enabled them to carry their world with themselves on the go.

Latest computers can broadly be divided into two segments: Desktop computers and Laptops. To build in more functionality and to derive maximum utility from one’s computer, it is imperative that computer peripherals be connected to the main unit to augment the computing experience. There are various categories of computer peripherals available in the marketplace with each type bringing with it a unique functionality. Storage devices, connectors for every type of electronic gadgets, entertainment devices, networking equipments and other computer accessories have brought about a sea change in the way computers and the internet have been harnessed for the benefit of mankind.

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