India:The Eternal Magic

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India:The Eternal Magic
India has always been considered an exotic land, the land of magic and mystery, lavished by nature's splendour. Stretching from the cool grey fringe of the Himalayas in the north to the turquoise spread of the Indian Ocean in the south, washed by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal on either side, the peninsula is a tourist's delight. Full of beaches, forests, wildlife, plateaus, deserts, hills and plains, sparkling in the warm sunlight, it is forever alluring. It is the land of the Taj Mahal and the Ganga, of Tagore, the Kama Sutra, and Mahesh Yogi. To most, India has remained the country of one's dreams. India is also a country of contrasts. It is modern, innovative and rapidly changing on one hand, and traditional, conservative and culture-conscious on the other. There is truth in both these views of India; a symbiosis of tradition and modernity. Today, India is a developing secular state, proud of its pluralist traditions, yet striving to keep pace with the emerging ideologies around the world. The true charm of the country runs beyond the wonder of ancient traditions, the beauty of blue seas, golden sunshine, or silvered mountains and lush green grass. It lies in the careful balancing of its heritage with the ever-changing reality of the present. Out of the interplay of conflicting cultures and beliefs, India, incredibly resilient, has etched out an identity for herself that is both unique and engaging. This book gives glimpses of that India.
About the Author
Antara Dev Sen is Founder-Editor of The Little Magazine, an independent publication of ideas and letters on social concerns and cultural issues. A columnist and social commentator, she is also a literary critic and translator. Sen has worked as senior editor of The Hindustan Times, and senior assistant editor of The Indian Express, among other assignments; and was a Reuter fellow at Oxford University. She lives and works in Delhi.
TitleIndia:The Eternal Magic
Author NameAntara Dev Sen
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2007
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