Healthy Living With Ayurveda

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Healthy Living With Ayurveda
A beautiful book that brings the body to the centre stage. In a comprehensive fashion, Healthy Living with Ayurveda provides us with an understanding of the prakriti (constitution) of a person, highlighting the necessity of personal participation and adaptations to seasonal changes, dietary intake, preventive measures and therapeutics. Healthy dietary alternatives, stress-alleviating massages, and non-allopathic medicinal regimens, all tailor made to suit your unique constitution, make this book a must-have for those in search of a holistically healthy lifestyle. The first step to living with Ayurveda is to understand the body's unique requirements and responses to the environment based on individual prakritis (constitutions). The body is naturally intelligent - the right regimen, if followed with care and consistency, gives the perfect impetus to bodily wisdom. The ingenuity of Ayurveda lies in providing an optimal sense of responsibility to the individual for his or her well-being and happiness. Good health is at your fingertips: living the healthy way is living with ayurveda.
About the Author
Anuradha Singh is a scientist with the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (NISTADS), a part of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi. She has been researching both the theory and practice of ayurveda. Singh also has a keen interest in doing research on the crossroads of science and Indian medical traditions as well as reproductive and mental health from an ayurvedic perspective. Singh has been involved in several projects that deal with the revitalization and modernization of local health traditions, mother-child health policies and projects that have helped create a public platform for the promotion of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) initiatives in health. She is a founder member of Lok Swasthya Parampara Samvardhana Samiti (LSPSS), a network of NGOs for the development and revitalization of Indian systems of health care, which began in 1985.
TitleHealthy Living With Ayurveda
Author NameAnuradha Singh
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2005
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