Royal Rajasthan

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Royal Rajasthan
India has much to offer observers and visitors - from the fabled Taj Mahal to rivers and mountains and religion - but nothing quite matches up with their experience of Rajasthan. Rajasthan, truly, is a place that could only have existed in someone's imagination - a vast, arid desert across that erupts a spiny ridge of hills - simultaneously remote and desolate. Who then were the people who lavished this wilderness with such forbidding fortresses, built its fairytale palaces, lived (and continue to live) with such honour and respect for the past? Royal Rajasthan, with stunning aerial photographs of Rajasthan and rare archival images from the private collections of princely states, attempts to unravel the majesty and continuity of the traditions established by the kings and princes and which their descendants still hold on to as a pillar of their common culture. The result is a small nook of the world where even as times have changed, the magic of yesteryears exists, not in memory but in its present reality.
About the Author
Pramod Kapoor is a compulsive collector of vintage photographs, and a publisher by profession. His romance with Rajasthan began in 1981, when he first publlished a book on the royal state. From dilapidated forts to the finest heritage hotels, the last maharajas amd their extravagant lives and passions, Kapoor's hunt for unpublished historical photographs has led him to travel extensively in Rajasthan. A keen interest and an experienced eye have enabled Kapoor to build an extensive archive of superb images of Royal Rajasthan. Kishore Singh, middle-aged, Delhi-based, and an armchair expert on Rajasthan, is a lifestyle editor with a financial daily. He's had the temerity to get away with theorising about Rajasthan, its history and its people in print and on celluloid, but threatens to write The Great Rajasthan Book some time soon. Meanwhile, as a Rajput exile from Bikaner, he pines for a life in Rajasthan in the winter and somewhere in the hills in the summers, instead of working himself to the bone all year round.
TitleRoyal Rajasthan
Author NamePramod Kapoor
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2007
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