Kama Sutra For Women

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Kama Sutra For Women
Vedic India is often quoted as being a landmark in the history of womanhood. Though a patriarchal, male-dominated society, the sexes were treated as equals in matters of pleasure. The needs of men and women were equally addressed in the belief that without mutual pleasure and satisfaction, sex was lifeless. Around this liberal era, the Kama Sutra was written to educate men and society about the importance of equal sexual dynamics, power, love, lust, flirtation, courtship, seduction, adultery and marriage. Kama Sutra for Women takes a leaf from the Kama Sutra, and is a book for women that helps them understand their emotions and bodies, that explains the need to as well as the means of pleasuring men for mutual gratification. Covering a wide range of female sexual experiences, sexual politics, relationships, techniques, the art of seduction, and their spiritual dimension, Kama Sutra for Women is ultimately a book about empowering women.
About the Author
Sandhya Mulchandani has worked in the print media for over two decades. She is the author of the Indian Man: His True Colours, a book on the urban Indian male. She has also co-authored Love and Lust, an anthology of ancient and medieval Indian erotic literature spanning 5000 years - from the Rig Veda to the 17th century. She is currently working on sixteen extant Sanskrit manuscripts that cover the bulk of the Kama Shastra texts written in medieval India. To be published as a four-volume series, these texts have been translated into English for the first time, and cover treatises on how to be a Competent Dandy and Courtesan. Mulchandani is deeply interested in religion, especially Hinduism, and is currently researching for a paper on sacred geographies and the evolution of polytheism in India.
TitleKama Sutra For Women
Author NameSandhya Mulchandani
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