The Gardener'S Song

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The Gardener'S Song
On the stroke of seven, death annexed Mr Rao.. Building has four floors and four flats on each floor, making sixteen homes in all. Fifteen of these would thrill at the thought of something happening to Mr Rao. Mr Rao made it his business to know everybody and very soon all made it their business not to know him. In curiosity, Mr Rao was a very Elephant's Child. 'Let but a fly fart in Building,'Patherphaker said coarsely, 'Mr Rao knows about it even before the fly does.' Mr Rao believed in the citizen's right to information. From him came the news that Mrs Kamath's gynaecologist had refused to oblige with a fifth abortion, from him why Ramachandran's daughter's wedding was precipitately called off, from him the story behind Patherphaker's premature retirement and from him too the truth about Kumudben's nervous breakdown. Then, just as Building decided something must be done about it. Mr Rao died, upsetting them all.
About the Author
Bombay is a labyrinth of stories, and Kalpana Swaminathan thinks one lifetime isn't enough to explore it. Her books for children include Jaldi's Friends about the parallel world of scary animals, and fairy tales. Her two novels are Ambrosia is for Afters and Bougainvillea House. Kalpish Ratna is the pseudonym she shares with Ishrat Syed. Their books include Dr. Wrasse of Crystal Rock, a submarine murder mystery; Nyagrodha - The Ficus Chronicles, the first in the series of five; and A Compendium of Family Health, a ready reference on health and disease.
TitleThe Gardener'S Song
Author NameKalpana Swaminathan
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2007
Total No. of Pages219
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