Servant Master Mistress

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Servant Master Mistress
The Sanjanas has planned to enjoy the tiger cub and surrender the adult to the zoo, but no plan had been made for the adolescent. The family is breakfasting in the compound of their bungalow when the cub gets its first taste of blood from a cut on Sohrab Sanjana's hand. Also in attendance are Daisy (Sohrab's English wife, married when she was stranded by World War II in India): Rustom (Sohrab's brother, infatuated by Daisy, challenging his brother for her affection); Dolly (their mother, afraid the rivalry between her sons may erupt into violence echoing the rivalry between two brothers whom she had married in succession); and Savak (Dolly's husband, still paying the price for his own infatuation thirty years earlier). Their story spans the years from 1910 to 1945, encompassing scenes in which a yogi's 'Spirituality 'is exposed by a monkey, a ten-year-old English girl seduces an eight-year old Indian boy, and a young English woman meets her first lover at the Silver Jubilee of George V. A family secret lies at the heart of the story, but the periphery is no less thrilling: two lovers escape from Stalin's Soviet Union to India and a soldier meets with tragedy during the Kut-al-amara campaign of the Great War in Mesopotamia.
About the Author
Boman Desai grew up in Mumbai, but has lived his adult life mostly in Chicago. After studying architecture and philosophy, and getting degrees in psychology and English, he was set to become a market analyst when a chance encounter with Sir Edmund Hillary, his earliest hero, who had an office two floors above his own, brought him back to his vocation: writing novels. He took a number of part-time jobs ranging from bartending to teaching to find time to write. He has published short stories and articles in the US, the UK and India. He won an Illinois Arts Council Award and the Stand Magazine Prize for fiction (an international competition). He has also published four novels: The Memory of Elephants; Asylum, USA; Trio, and A Woman Madly in Love.
TitleServant Master Mistress
Author NameBoman Desai
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2005
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