Death Of A Moneylender

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Death Of A Moneylender
Falak, a young journalist from Delhi, is assigned to a remote village in south-central India where a moneylender is found dead, hung from a lamp post in front of his house by an entire village united against injustice. Falak coldly hunts the story for a page-one byline. He does not allow a corrective conscience, and attitude that had in the past cost him his relationship with Vani, a journalist from a rival newspaper. Within hours of reaching the village, his story is ready - a villainous moneylender killed by long-suffering villagers. But Falak has also unearthed a disconcerting fact: the moneylender was a kind-hearted, generous man whose death was being used to intimidate other moneylenders. Outstanding loans are written off to buy peace with villagers, but the politically well-connected and dangerous moneylenders plan a brutal retribution. Shambu, a farmer, seems to have masterminded the death with Bhanu, the moneylender's son. Falak hates the half-truth he reports, but covets the byline it gets him. Truth rescues him from this twilight of dilemma. It devastates him, transforms him. And ironically, also makes him lie.
About the Author
Kota Neelima has been a journalist for fifteen years, starting her tenure in the profession while studying at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. She writes on politics, rural economy and agriculture. Her first novel, Riverstones (2007), was about the extent and causes of rural despair leading to farmer suicides and comments on the response of journalists and media houses to such issues. The author is also an impressionist-abstract painter and lives in Delhi with her husband.
TitleDeath Of A Moneylender
Author NameKota Neelima
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2009
Total No. of Pages223
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