A Mirror Greens In Spring

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A Mirror Greens In Spring
It is 1984, and New Delhi is simmering with ethnic strife as anti-Sikh riots erupt after prime minister India Gandhi's assassination. This cataclysmic event serves as the backdrop to the day-to-day ordinariness of an immigrant Bengali family's life. Chhobi, the elder, sensitive and intelligent, is forever trying to rein in beautiful, narcissistic Sonali. Ma, their mother, struggles with her loneliness after being widowed in her thirties; Dida is their feisty grandmother whose indomitable spirit prods the family on during times of adversity; and Dadu, their grandfather, is a man perpetually homesick for his estates, irretrievably lost as borders are redrawn to form Bangladesh. Sonny - rich, handsome and arrogant - enters Sonali's life, only to jilt her. Sonali's thwarted love affair, and a maritime misadventure are the catalysts that alter the predictable pattern of the Bengali family's life and propels its women to find within themselves hitherto unknown strengths - and to evolve and deal with changed circumstances. The story traces the gradual erosion of old values, an acceptance of new identities and, for the grandfather, at last a sense of realization that Delhi is home.
About the Author
Selina Sen was educated in Shimla and the Delhi University, where she studied economics. She was inspired to write this, her first novel, based on her mother's reminiscences of her ancestral home lost upon Partition in present-day Bangladesh. Selina has contributed features and travel writing to most of India's leading newspapers. Until recently, she was the North Indian correspondent for the Hong-Kong-based Publisher's Representatives Ltd., a group of magazines on Asian economic affairs. She is very widely travelled, being especially keen on river journeys. She has explored rivers as far-flung as the Orinoco in Venezuela, the Jhelum in Kashmir, the Ganges, the Teesta in North Bengal, the Rhine and the Seine. Her other chief interest is garden design and she maintains a prize-winning water garden at her home in a New Delhi suburb where she lives with her son. She is at present working on her second novel, set in New Delhi and Kashmir.
TitleA Mirror Greens In Spring
Author NameSelina Sen
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2007
Total No. of Pages305
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