The Romance Of Salt

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The Romance Of Salt
When Mahatma Gandhi set off for the historic Dandi March on 12 March 1930, why did he choose salt as a symbol of British imperialism? Why did the East India Company throttle, then kill the salt industry in Bengal and Orissa? Why did the British build a hedge that stretched over 3000 km just to thwart salt smuggling? Salt, that innocuous substance we dismiss as common salt, has played an uncommon role in the history of mankind. Wars have been fought over it, kings and emperors have enriched their treasuries by imposing tax on it, odes have been written on it, it even played a role in the French Revolution. Myths and superstitions have grown around it, babies are baptised with it and evil spirits are banished by it. The Romance of Salt takes you on a fascinating journey through history featuring this magical substance. You will never look at a salt shaker in the same way again.
About the Author
At various stages of his life, Anil Dharker has been an engineer, a film critic, a film censor and a promoter of new cinema (with the National Film Development Corporation). He has worked in television as a producer and anchor, as well as heading a new channel then poised to take off. His television criticism was published in Sorry, Not Ready to rave reviews. He is best known, though, as a journalist; as editor of The Illustrated Weekly of India, The Independent, Mid-day and Sunday Mid-day; as well as a columnist for The Times of India, The Hindu, Mid-day, Khaleej Times and Gulf News. His column, Dharker's Dilemma, had a large following among both passionate loyalists and infuriated readers.
TitleThe Romance Of Salt
Author NameAnil Dharker
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2005
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