The Men Who Killed Gandhi

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The Men Who Killed Gandhi
Throughout the period covered by this book - that is, from Lord Mountbatten's arrival as the Viceroy right up till the end of the Red Fort trial - I was living in New Delhi, only one bungalow away from Birla House, where Gandhi was murdered. I can thus claim to have known the Delhi of those days as a citizen, an insider, and I also happen to be equally familiar with Poona (the place where the conspiracy was spawned), both as a city and as a state of mind. Of the six men who were finally adjudged to have been implicated in the murder conspiracy, two were hanged. The other four - the approver Badge and the three who got life sentences, Karkare, Gopal and Madanlal - talked to me freely and at length. My ability to speak Marathi well had an immense advantage because two of them, Karkare and Badge, were at home only in that language. All four gave me much information that they had never revealed before-hand. Gopal Godse and his wife Sindhu filled me in on details which could not have been known outside the Godse and Apte families. Gopal also kindly loaned me his personal papers, among which were eight large volumes of printed records of the Red Fort trial which had been prepared for the High Court appeal. These volumes had been actually used by Nathuram Godse, the man who killed Gandhi, and were scribbled all over with his notes and comments. The author wishes to thank Mr R.E. Hawkins - who, for many years, guided the affairs of the Indian branch of the Oxford University Press - for going through the manuscript of this book and suggesting many improvements.
About the Author
Manohar Malgonkar was born in 1913 in a royal family, which had its roots in Goa. After graduating from Bombay University, he served in the Maratha Light Infantry. A big game hunter, civil servant, mine owner and farmer, he also stood for Parliament in the early seventies. Most of this activity was during momentous times of Indian history - the build-up to independence and its aftermath - often the setting for his works. The socio-historical milieu of those times forms the backdrops of his works, which are usually full of action and adventure, reflective, in some way, of his own life. His works span all genres, from novels to biographies to history books. They include Distant Drum, Combat of Shadows, The Princes, A Bend in the Ganges, The Devil's Wind, The Garland Keepers, Bombay Beware, Inside Goa, The Sea Hawk: Life and Battles of Kanhoji Angrey, Chhatrapatis of Kolhapur and Dropping Names. After retirement, Manohar settled on his farm at Barbusa near Belgaum.
TitleThe Men Who Killed Gandhi
Author NameManohar Malgonkar
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2008
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