Tehelka As Metaphor

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Tehelka As Metaphor
In March 2001, the website Tehelka broke Operation West End, the biggest undercover news story in Indian journalism. Using spycams and masquerading as arms dealers, Tehelka's reporters infiltrated the Indian government, bribed army officers, gave money to the president of the ruling party and the defence minister's close colleague right in the defence minister's residence. This eventually forced both the ministers'resignations. In a rigorously researched and searing authentic account of the Tehelka expose and its aftermath, Madhu Trehan does a forensic study of the imperatives at the root of it, the characters and heroes and villains of the story, and of how the system got back: by obfuscating, by attempting to destroy the investors without leaving any footprints. In the style of Rashomon, the story is related by numerous participants of the same incidents and, of course, none of the stories tally. With exhaustive personal interviews, this is a must-read for anybody who wants to understand modern India - or even better, modern international journalism.
About the Author
Madhu Trehan studied journalistic photography at Harrow Technical College & School of Arts in 1968. She received her master's degree in journalism form Columbia University, New York, in 1972. Trehan worked in the Press Section in the United Nations in New York and then as editor of India Abroad, New York. In 1975, she returned to India to start the country's leading news magazine, India Today, with her father V.V. Purie. Trehan became known for creating the first news magazine in India. She returned to New York to start her family and her brother Aroon Purie took over India Today to make it the success it became. When she returned to India in 1986, Trehan produced and anchored a path-breaking, controversial television news magazine programme, Newstrack, which became famous for incredible journalistic scoops. She became known as a pioneer in investigative journalism. In 2000, Trehan left TV Today to launch wahindia.com, a website and print magazine. Trehan's hopes for a sabbatical were dashed when, in 2002, Roli Books commissioned her to write a book on Tehelka's Operation West End. What she thought would be a three-month bang-off book turned out to be six years of heavy research and over forty interviews.
TitleTehelka As Metaphor
Author NameMadhu Trehan
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2009
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