Rajasthan: An Enduring Romance

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Rajasthan: An Enduring Romance
The colour and romance of Rajasthan, in both its unity and diversity, is the focus of this book. This essence manifests itself in Rajasthan's history, customs, celebrations, rituals, architecture and art, but most of all in the indomitable spirit of the people, whether of noble or humble birth. Shared notions of honour, chivalry,valour and hierarchy unite the people of Rajasthan across divides of social class and region, and give them their distinctive ethos. The author, Sunil Mehra, evokes this ethos in an exposition that takes into account the multi-faceted reality of Rajasthan. Thus, the sightseer's curiosity about the historical and architectural details of Rajasthan's myriad monuments will be satisfied with the same felicity of description as the amateur ethnographer's avidity for richly-textured descriptions of the customs and rituals of Rajasthani people in all their variety and beauty. Nor will the historically-minded be disappointed - there is a wealth of detail about genealogies and dynasties, battles and stratagems; the anecdotal merges seamlessly with the larger canvas. For those who want to experience, understand and share the mystique of what Rajasthan was, and what it is now, this book will be an indispensable companion and guide.
About the Author
Sunil Mehra was a lecturer of English literature at Rajasthan University before becoming a full-time writer. Now a travel writer and newspaper columnist, he hopes to soon put together a volume of short stories. Coming, as he does, from a civil servant's family, a large part of his childhood was spent in Rajasthan, where his family was based. His romance with Rajasthan, its people, heritage and traditions from a young age, provides the inspiration for this book, his very first.
TitleRajasthan: An Enduring Romance
Author NameSunil Mehra
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2004
Total No. of Pages104
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