Indian Sculpture

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Indian Sculpture
Through the centuries, sculpture in India has been a dominant expression of the people and their land. Today, India provides a cultural continuity that has survived a long and diversified history, in which changes have occurred, old images and artistic expressions have been altered, and new elements and influences have been absorbed, enriching and variegating the cultural strands without ever breaking them. Sculpture, especially as an art form, was granted extensive patronage by the Indus Valley Civilization, the Mauryas, the Satavahanas, the Sungas, the Kushans, the Guptas, the Chalukyas, the Rashtrakutas, the Pallavas, the Cholas, and still continues to thrive in contemporary India. Indian Sculpture is a richly illustrated book that reproduces some of the finest examples of Indian sculpture, with an extensive commentary on the importance of the art of carving, modelling and casting in the Indian civilization for over 4000 years.
About the Author
Dr Grace Morley was the founder director of the National Museum, New Delhi. She was almost 80 when she wrote Indian Sculpture. Yet, such was her eye for detail that she personally vetted each picture to ensure that the colours matched the original object. It was this meticulous attention to detail that makes this book a collector's piece. Under Dr Morley's care, the National Museum gained recognition as one of the most important institutions of its kind, not only in India, but also in Asia. Under her care, museums in India came to be recognized both as abodes of cultural objects and research, and disseminators of knowledge.
TitleIndian Sculpture
Author NameGrace Morley
PublisherRoli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Year2005
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